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Job Details

EMBRAER 170/190 position for Captains & Instructors for a New Start Up Airline!!

Job No.



1 year

Start Date


End Date



Up to 63 yrs




10 week ON / 3 weeks OFF (TRI/TRE)
12 weeks ON / 3 weeks OFF (Captain)

Job Description

We are pleased to invite Embraer Captains & Instructors to apply with us for a New Start up Airline which is one of the most promising upcoming Airlines & will set new standard of flying. Proctor Aviation on behalf of its client offer renewable contract with excellent terms and conditions. It willbe an immediate start upon completion of selection.

Some of the Benefits are :
Overtime payment above 80 sector hours - US$ 125 (TRI/TRE) & US$ 100 (Captain)
Great Travel benefits
Free tickets per rotation cycle for travel to your home country and back
Medical coverage provided
Sick Leave

Qualification required:
Minimum total flying hours - 4000 hours
Minimum total PIC hours - 2000 hours
Minimum total PIC hours on type - 500 hours.
Minimum of 50 hours of Instructor experience on type ( for TRI/TRE only).
Minimum total Glass cockpit experience - 1000 hours.
Must have ICAO English level Proficiency 4 and above.
Current Medical
Last flight on EMB 170/190 as PIC should preferably be within 1 year.
Age should not be above 63 years.

Roster pattern :
12 weeks ON / 3 weeks OFF (Captain)
10 week ON / 3 weeks OFF (TRI/TRE)
Base : India (commuting roster)

Please email your CV to to apply.

Detailed information regarding terms and conditions of employment, salary package, accommodation details, leave and travel benefits will be forwarded on to you once we determine that your qualifications are suitable for the position.

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